Aroma Restaurant’s Menu

Aroma is passion for quality Italian and foreign cuisine: in the menu only seasonal products and fresh raw materials for a unique gastronomic experience and high level!

Our Plates

Crispy egg, asparagus and Parmesan foam16
Lombatello and scalded leek, herb cream and tuna sauce 16
Duck breast, peach and foie gras18
Cuttlefish, green curry and coconut milk18
First Dishes
Plin ravioli, butter and Raschera cheese16
Risotto, veal sauce, raw sausage from Bra and Castelmagno cheese16
Spaghetti, spring pesto, anchovies, black garlic and taralli powder17
Tagliolino, sea food, orange, fennel and saffron18
Second Dishes
Braised veal cheek and butter mashed potatoes19
Crispy beef with hazelnuts and bernese sauce23
Licorice lamb, dark onion and red onion ice cream24
Wellington veal fillet and potato 26
Fish slice, chard roll and clam cream24
Porcini mushrooms, chocolate and red fruits9
Coconut, yogurt and tropical fruits8
Dark chocolate ball and passion fruit8
Gianduia, meliga and zabaione8

Tasting menu

Piemonte 55

Three traditional courses and dessert

Aroma 60

Three of our most representative courses and dessert