Aroma Restaurant’s Menu

Aroma is passion for quality Italian and foreign cuisine: in the menu only seasonal products and fresh raw materials for a unique gastronomic experience and high level!

Our Plates

Poché egg, asparagus and Toma cheese16
Duck breast, foie gras and cherries16
veal tartare, bone marrow english cream and fermented plums18
Eel, corn cream and raspberry powder18
Italian ceviche18
First Dishes
Plin ravioli, butter and Raschera cheese16
Risotto, Castelmagno cheese, veal sauce and raw sausage from Bra17
Ravioli stuffed bbq pork ribs and baked ricotta cheese 20
Spaghetto, fish sauce, butter, parsley and scallops17
Second Dishes
Braised veal cheek and butter mashed potatoes21
Crispy beef with erbs, spinach and bernese sauce23
Collar seared beef, grilled asparagus and peas24
Cinta senese suckling pig, pickled vegetables and fava beans hummus24
Dripping of croaker and seasonal 24
Porcini mushrooms, chocolate and red fruits9
Chocolate, chantilly and black cherry8
Gianduia, meliga and zabaione8
Paris-Brest, pistachio e raspberry8
Ice crems and sorbets6

Tasting menu

Piemonte 55

Three traditional courses and dessert

Aroma 60

Three of our most representative courses and dessert